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Foto 004

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(c) S. Keichel

Beautiful pastoral shot! I know very similar place.
Very clever way of using the cow to focus attention further into the scene (the house). I would have cropped a bit different so that the cow is not dead centre, but admittedly sacrificing a lot of the beautiful scenery. Excellent!
this is an amazing shot
A really beautiful pastoral scene
Cool and funny ! Great image ! :~)
Fantastic details ! Excellent capture !!!
beautifull and quiet again!!
wow, what a super super work!!!! excellently done!!! :)
excellent image
Gorgeous capture of this cow in the water! Where is this shot? It reminds me strongly to the Bernese Ob in Switz! Love the pretty mood here! Excellent work! :)
Hey, even this cow is saying.... "Go away Winter! I'm ready for some warm weather & skinny dipping!" Fantastic!!!
The alndscape is remarkable enough but something about that cow..... that cow really makes the picture!
You certainly have the eyeand talent with cameras. This is a beutiful scene.
this cow for sure lives in a special place... the scene you've captured is a dream!
superb piece of photography .outstanding detail and color.The photo content is wonderfully beautiful truley a great piece.Vote
Love the "Lady in the Stream". Wonderfully calm and inviting.
What a fantastic shot. Gorgeous landscape and you captured a beautiful and quiet scene. I like it!!!
Very good ! Now, tell me, do I see (and the cow also) 3 cows on the other side of the lake ?