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(c) S. Keichel

The Poe ''spirit'' returns...
Birds can be such show-offs! He sure knows how to strike a pose, though. Amazing view!
WOW! - we've been in this area before - alas, without camera :( Incredible views! - especially from the top of the "Eagles Nest"! Great shot!
Wonderful capture of this alpine chough (Pyrrhocorax graculus) so close to the border of Germany and Austria (nice vista here on the lake btw) posing here for you! They're wonderful acrobats flying on the ascending winds and real beggars! Gorgeous work! :)
nice chough !
Wonderful capture
I haven't been to Berchtesgaden in several years. Thanks for posting this picture of a most beautiful area. This is a fantastic photo -- especially with the addition of the bird. *V* OH! And have a happy and productive new year!
I love the vista, and bird. It is real bagger, and great glider.
Wonderful landscape. And the bird sit for a portrait.
WOW!!! You sure wouldn't want to trip and fall on this hill side. I love this bird. The yellow beak is throwing me off. It appears to be part of the crow family, but I'm not sure. Any idea what it is? What a view!!! Absolutely gorgeous up here. *vote*
......great composition - the sharply defined jet-black bird on the detail rock shapes really makes this photo snap!
Brilliant work!!!!!!!!!!!!