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(c) S. Keichel

Beautiful fish and a beautiful shot.
Great!! Such clearity of the focus shot and colorful. Thanks.
Beautiful shot,had 40 years by myself 20 years profesionell Malali And Tan.,finally I came back to the south americans. They felt very well in my 4 basins with together 22.000 ltr. But Than my back broke and now I`m here(lol). Fossy
Really a splendid capture..bravissimo!*V*:DDD.Hugsxx
Good shot again
Very nicely done!!!!
Wowwww, perfect lighting on this aquarium and fantastic color ! Good day :)
Another wonderful job with so many good shots you have mastered this technique very well Bravo once again
Well captured Percula Clownfish, I have a pair in my tank but have ye to be able to get a good shot of them.
beautiful capture! hard to taken this in this places...