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Looks like a beautiful place, excellent shot !!
Germany is beautiful from what I hear and now from what I see. thanks for posting this. excellent capture
its a wonderful place. Is beautiful the way the pick of the hill finds the clouds. It seems that the path finishes among them.
Yep, the path certainly draws you into the heart of the picture. A spectacular viewpoint. Should be a good place for hang gliding.
Wow, beautiful shot!
Just like Sossy at Kehlstein! Excellent shot with an impressive view on the valley and the surrounding mountains!
woooow what a great view !!!! excellent shot
Thanks for the awesome history lesson! I vaguely remember reading about this place. Thanks so much for sharing this...it's an excellent shot of an impressive scene.
excellent photography. a wonderful place. fantastic view. !!!!!!!! #:O) !!!!!!!!!
ohooo - great peisage is downthere....:)