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Watzmann - Eiskapelle

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(c) S. Keichel

Wow, how magnificent this vista is!!!!!!!! I can oly image the immense feeling one must get from walking amongst such huge mountains!!!!!! excellent!!!
This is such a beautiful view!! Can't you just smell that fresh air?!
wonderful photo
The great power of mother nature expressed wonderfully by your amazing eye and passion!!! Such incredible mountains!!! You saw lucky to make this lovely tour!!! :)
wow what a beautiful day this was.....=)
Wonderful capture and landscape!!! Bravo :)
Amazing view of the valley here
This is a really nice scene. Composed well.
superb landscape the 2 persons give the scale!
Wow what a view. Beautiful landscaping.
Impressive and beautiful ! :~)
This is stunning to say the least. I always like to see something that really set the scale, and you have done this my friend. Congrats!!!
Wow, that valley looks delightful! What a natural environment! Stunning work! :)
Superb landscape , very impressive