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Foto 019
München - Allianz Arena

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(c) S. Keichel

Wonderful POV and excellent render*V*
You coul almost have made a movie of this arena with these changing colors! Splendid series!
Superb photo !
I find information about other countries very interesting. How many average Americans would know anything about this... without your help? We all need a 'guide' once in awhile. Of all the images in this series I have to chose this one as my all time favorite. The street lamps give it such a warm feeling and the way that you have it high lighting this magnificent tree is absolutely perfect. You need to enlarge it to about an 8x10 inch size. Pop it into a nice frame and hang it with pride. Or you could approach someone at the arena about using your images as promotional items. (Just thinking out loud.) *hugs* *V*