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Foto 002

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(c) S. Keichel

Nice girl :-))
Would have been my subject too ! Excellent shot !!!
This picture captures a lot. Almost everybody else in this picture is, for one reason or another, checking out the girl to the left. It's interesting because you can see what they're thinking by the looks on their faces...it goes to the core of who we are, in a lot of ways. We like to say that beauty is on the inside, and it is, in many ways, but we cannot ignore that we all look for physical beauty first.
Ooo, La, La!!! You have great lookin ladies in your city!!!
I must say that the young lady in the hip hugger jeans is the first thing that caught my eye. Then I noticed the stool sitting beside the car to the left of her. I found that odd. The other thing that I noticed... 5 out of the 6 people in the foreground all have bags of some sort. Great photo by the way!!!
Me gustan mucho imagenes de gente en ciudades.
kick ass shoes!
firrst thing i saw was the shoes. She be good on the "what not to ware" show...very good shot
really cool shot. being a tall girl, she can pull off the skinny jeans with boxer shoes look. she's got lotsa attitude. and the people in the backgound, i wonder what they are thinkin'?:)
Posture, pout, one foot off the pavement....Randy Newman score: "It's lonely at the top."
look at the very mean looks that girl is getting just for walking down the street. excellent picture and study of people
Ooooh, I like these shots in the street ! Make me think of the beautiful London series by Pascale (tibet2004uk... BTW, where is she ?) ! :~)
He he, typical for leisure time! Lovely capture! :)
Great photo with a great deal going on... Looks of jealousy, questions of beauty and whats hip, very pouting and in your face look from the main subject, no doubt fronting a very insecure person, but that is not what the others in the photo see... love the underlying European city backdrop which frames this age old story...