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Foto 031
San Marino - La Rocca o Guaita

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(c) S. Keichel

wonderful look and brilliant capture!!!!fantastic!bravo!vote!:DDD
What a wonderful looking place, I'd love to climb up those steps.
wow, what an amazing perspective.
This picture is fantastic. I've modified it! (I've just put a blue sky on it) Tell me if you're interested to see the picture, then I'll replace one of my old pix for you... Great shot...
Beautiful compo here, the path leading up to this fort gives it great feel of depth and makes you wanna take a walk up there! :o)
I like the sky. It give more power...if possible...to the stones and stairs...Beautiful.
What.. a gorgeus... place!!! *-* excellent shot, your camera is very well positioned. And I agree to Sylvaine, the cloudy sky helps the mood of your image. :)
great POV. a wonderful shot of this impressive building. excellent done. !!!!!!!!! #:O) !!!!!!
it's like it's calling you to explore it's interior! :] the sky really doesn't bother me... makes it look high in the clouds
Must be an awesome view when you're up there. Lovely shot!
Splendid shot !
Very beautiful
Gorgeous shot... super angle... such an impressive view.
Wow beautiful!!!excellent!!!