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Foto 024
München - Residenz

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(c) S. Keichel

A ballroom for waltzing? Excellent shot.
This is beautifully exposed! A delightful shot indeed!!!
Wow! Excellent shot. Awesome job!
Such grandeur hard to imagine people lived like this!!
The chandeleirs, windows and paintings on the ceiling all add to a perfect perspective and focal point at the entrance to the room. The building is fabulously designed and you've captured it perfectly. It's also great to see the poses of the people entering the room, looking at the floor and the walls, but the real beauty is above head height and you've captured that. Very nice photograph.
Oh my!! I can just imagine a long dinning table surrounded by loads and loads of Ladies and Lords. A small quartet playing in the distance while everyone listens intently on the Lord of the house. *good imagination I've got, huh?* Beautiful. Absolutely beautiful.
I see the room filled with lords and their ladies in dance form,large bouquets of flowers and banquet tables overflowing with delicacies. Thank you for showing us your gallant ballroom. LOL-Hugs!
Wow..... you could fit my entire 12 bedroom house in this one room!
Wow, that interior looks sooo beautiful! Impressive work! :)