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Foto 021
München - Neue Pinakothek

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(c) S. Keichel

Excellent image. I really like the overall feel to the archtecture.
Great POV. Made excellent abstract:)
perfection :)... symetric's perfect
fantastic radial shape wonderful pov of this beautiful window above!! WOW! its wonderful to see the clouds thru it they just make this !!
Very gorgeous!!
Seeing the clouds makes it.
WOW!!! I could lay down and stare at this for hours!! Cool POV you've taken too.
Wow, that's something very interesting to look up! Very beautiful! :)
Wonderful graphic image ! :~)
It's remind me about the game Myst-series :) Nice
What a great picture and from such a wonderful vantage point. But,laying on your back to look up into the window, Wow!! I'd be afraid that someone would step on my fingers while on the floor. You're fantastic.
Like an eye with sky! Superb image looking up. I had a friend once, he did wonderous work like this. Your images are total jewels.. I thank you so. Na night. Di.