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Foto 012
München - Wohnhaus nahe Theresienhöhe
(Subtitle: Don't drink and build.)

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(c) S. Keichel

Do legst di nida, jo bist du narisch, a so a pfusch!
well captured architecture...!!! ;) i like what i see...!
Funny title.
I totally agree with you. It seems that you've got the same architects in your country than in my town! By the way, your shot is really excellent...
Funny title to a perfect pic with a uniqueless POV! This one is really in Munich? You have to write me where, because I only live a few km away!
I like it! Both the photo which is excellent and the design. Interesting on both counts. *V*
Oustanding pov....
LOL - very wise words! Great shot BTW.
have to agree with your title lol